Turismo Creativo association accepted the ONU’s invitation and since 2012 started a planning of sensibilisation about the violence against women, in its very first edition, with artist Alice Pasquini, has been planned a viral approach inside the city of Terracina, where about ten electric cabins, deployed in various responsive city areas, had been painted by the artist with female heroines and “25 November” tag.

In 2013, after the wonderful news that Italy approved a law against femincide, together with Formia and Terracina’s administration, the invited artist Hyuro (Argentina, Spain), painted two walls located in the very center city, these two interventions became spots of raising awareness and requalification about this day’s theme.

In 2014 there has been the Portuguese Frederi Draw, at his first Italian work and first male artist to deal with the project, he realized 5 female gazes, in the participant cities.

2015 saw the French artist Sema Lao, also for her an Italian debut, realizing four female faces, loaded with energy and colors to remember the date of the 25th of November.

This fifth edition has a guest coming straight from overseas to realize 3 gorgeous artworks in the cities of Terracina, Fondi and Minturno. Our appreciated discovery: the Brazilian Apolo Torres, landed in Europe with us for the first time in 2015 to realize some wonderful wall paintings and a solo show. Comes back as second male artist to leave his mark for the November 25th ‘s project.
In the project cooperate Memorie Urbane staff, aware about the thematic, and Street Art Place Gallery, beyond the local associations that take up the logistic regarding the realization of the works.

Also in this edition a crowdfunding will be available to support the project, moreover there will be the realization of a limited edition silk-screen printing signed by the artist, all this in cooperation with the new platform Street Art Place.

November 25th’s institution
Establishment of the 25th of November The ONU through 54/134 resolution of 17th December 1999, declared the 25th of November as International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, and exhorted governments, international organizations and ONG to organize activities to rise awareness in the community in that specific day. The General Assembly of the United Nations officialized a date chosen in memory of the brutal assassination in 1960 of the Mirabal sisters, the three considered a model of revolutionary women, for the effort with which they tried to obstruct Rafael Leónidas Trujillo’s regime, dictator that kept Dominician Republic in chaos and underdevelopment for over 30 years.