For the fifth edition the curator Davide Rossilo, invited from Sao Paulo (Brasil), the artist Apolo Torres, already presented to Memorie Urbane’s audience in 2015 for 3 gorgeous interventions in Formia, Arce and Gaeta, beyond his wonderful solo show. Apolo comes back to Italy for 8 days and will realize 3 walls fron the 18th to the 25th of November for the November 25th.org Stop Violence Against Women’s project. This year the cities choosen are: Fondi, Terracina and the new arrival Minturno/Scauri. This edition’s editing project also wants to highlight the tag “November 25th”, with figures and objects that spangle the female world, and Apolo Torres with his poetic and his skills in absurd perspectives, will let us dip in another female dimension.

Also for this edition in collaboration with Street Art Gallery will be realized a limited edition silk-screen to support the project.

Apolo Torres

Artist with illustration roots, Apolo Torres seems only lended to street art, to which he does not dedicate instinctively but after long reflections in studio, working on his canvas. Ironic caricaturist, he constructs characters that on walls seem to begin an indipendent life, that continue with fault perspectives, with immortalized objects, in search for something iconic. Also the backgrounds are finely studied, in an indirect re-proposition of the artist’s work on canvas. Poetic and inspired, the compositions, promote a contemplative approach, almost dreamy.